Over mij

door | mrt 12, 2020

Maartje van Dijck, (1995, The Netherlands) Graduated Fashion Design at Hogeschool van de kunsten , Utrecht (HKU).

My work is driven by intuition. I see myself as a researcher of textiles and I focus on combining (embroidery) techniques, autonomy and digital design methods. As a designer, I am constantly looking for frameworks in which I can move freely. Within this, I play with the balance between freedom and structure. This can be seen in my projects, in which I frequently work with action painting, my playful handwriting and my experimental method. At the same time I’m looking for structure  in my work. Playing with techniques is the driving force behind for my research. 

There is a strong digitalization in the world. Machines are taking over from humans. I try to increasingly bring back the human hand in my design and process and I am looking for a way in which humans and machines can work together. I am open to unexpected findings.



+3 16 27 97 51 53



Talente 2022, München (Upcoming)

(Im)possible to repair 2021, Utrecht (24 t/m 26 sept)

Talente 2021, München (10 t/m 14 Mar Canceled)

Klerekaffee, Kaffetaria Utrecht (12 Dec 2020)

Sprinkplank, Winkel van Sinkel Utrecht (26 Sept t/m 4 Oct 2020)

Exposure, HKU (Juni 2020)

Prospects, Kunstliefde Utrecht (2019)

Het Depot, Wageningen (2017)


Virtual exhibition, Klimt02 – Talente 2021 (2021)

VIEW-PUBLICATIONS-  ’the future of making’ (2021)

Dd, Dutch designers Yearbook 2020 (2020)

FashionUnited (2020)

HKU Exposure 2020


Textielmuseum/Textiellab – Embroidery department, Tilburg (2021)

Maxjenny Forslund, Copenhagen (2019)