Play with machines

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‘Play with machines’ is a study on how the embroidery machine can manipulate clothing. The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries out there. Machines are used for mass production: time after time the exact same design. I break this pattern by using the embroidery machine in a playful way. For example by never placing the garments flat under the machine, I never know the exact outcome and it always surprises me. Folds appear that no one had imagined beforehand because of this the silhouette of the garment changed by the embroidery.

I use an archetypal garment as a base. This way I create opportunities to play with my designs. For example by adding fabric to create more space in parts of my garments. I convert my brushstrokes into embroidery patterns. Working like this allows me to explore the boundaries of the embroidery machine and broaden it’s possibilities it has to offer. That way, a technique is created in which human and machine work together. What follows are designs that human nor machine could ever have invented seperately.

By manipulating the material, I am looking to combine mass production and unique pieces can find each other.By combining machines with human hands, unique results are creates that are impossible to reproduce exclusively by machines.

These days I think the people’s value of garments has ebbed. Clothes must be loved and worn. I aim to give you the unique experience having a piece of clothes that only no one else has. Because of this you will give ultimate love to your garments and cherish them so that clothes will no longer be treated as disposable product.

Research boek – Play with machines

Almost all pictures in my book are photographed by Frijke Coumans

In collaboration with

Catherina Iosifidis (film/edit)
Can Yurtseven (sounddesign)

Welmoed Jonker (model)

Edit by Roma Santoro